Opinion: Enough with the charade, #Olajumoke is not a model, neither is she super

04 March of 2016 by

Do I have to introduce Olajumoke Orisaguna to anyone?

Should I even have to?

After all, she’s been on CNN, The Huffington Post, BBC and Buzzfeed. The proverbial story of the bread seller whose time it is to ‘shine’ and what not. It was fun at first, then it started to get somewhat ridiculous and now, its an outright farce.

Two weeks ago, The Lagos Polo club had it’s annual event and part of this year’s line up, a fashion show was organized with several emerging and high profile designers showing clothes from their latest collections and there, this happened.



At the open call casting for the 2015 Lagos Fashion and Design Week, nearly 500 hundred models, a vast majority of whom had been in the industry for at least two years showed up to audition for one of the 75 slots open to models. Less than 20 percent got a slot. That is just a base idea of how competitive runway modelling is.

Of all the kinds of modeling there is out there ( and there are many), runway modeling is the most competitive, second only to advertising editorials in prestige and pay out. But to succeed as a runway model, you must either be well above average height or have a distinctive walk, the latter traditional models train for years to finesse and perfect.

With the right kind of training, Olajumoke Orisaguna can grow to become a decent runway model, but she will always be at a disadvantage to other models. In that way, modelling is like basketball, genetics are just as important as talent.

Right now, she isn’t even a passable runway model but the narrative that she is is being forced on us. Motivations aside, putting Orisaguna on a runway before she is trained enough to compete favourably for jobs with her peers is doing her- and us- a disservice.

Orisaguna is a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t have that thing that sets models apart from other beautiful women. There is no ‘edge’ to her,  and she isn’t aware of her body the way a model is. In her editorial with Layo G, (a heavily photoshopped project,) one could see how easily overwhelmed the former bread seller was when she is shot by someone who isn’t used to shooting amateurs. She is rigid, and glares at the camera in an awkward pose, strange for an editorial supposedly aimed towards working class women wanting to exude ease and confidence.

In this cut-throat industry of ours, once the media circus around Orisaguna and her good fortune dies out (perhaps, the beginning of which started when the Ese Oruru story broke) she will barely be visible among the swarm of 5’11 models she is supposed to compete for jobs with, let alone become a coveted face.

Many might argue that her popularity is supposedly getting her jobs, but in high fashion popularity is detrimental to a model. A model is supposed to be secondary to the clothes he/she is selling at all times, and in the absence of training or experience or a face that is marketable to the discerning fashion crowd, what else does she have to hold on to other than her popularity?

It took Moyinoluwa Arowoshola, winner of the 2012 Elite Model Look four years to land an international modelling contract, and Ninioma Anosike two years to open her first runway season at NYFW and both women are stunning and mavens at modelling with walks that will always leave an audience spell bound. So what are the odds for dear Olajumoke as a high fashion model?

There are other kinds of modelling; print and catalog, brand endorsements (like her endorsements with Payporte and Shirley’s confectionery) and even fashion adjacent jobs like hair styling (which she already has some experience in). She can still thrive in the fashion industry without being a high fashion model.

I have seen many suggest that she takes as many endorsements and jobs as she can and stock pile what ever money she can lay her hands on before her ‘grace’ expires. When the realities of her odds are discussed, the concerned folks are dismissed as ‘haters.’ This mentality of opportunism is why the fashion and modelling industries are mere scaffolds hiding a rotten, ineffectual system.

Until this changes, all we will do is perpetuate a system that finds and milks (not so) talent only to discard them when they run out of potential opportunities for exploitation.

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  1. I totally get what you are talking about. I really feel like the only reason she is being given a lot of contract an opportunity to be on magazines and runways is because of one lucky good shot. However she needs more training, a mentor and experience for her to be successful in the modelling world. Due that lucky shot, everyone, due to the media, is expecting a lot from her. I have nothing against her and this is just my honest opinion.

  2. Models u c now didn’t just was up over night n started walking down the runway. They had to go through some training. She just need more time please before you go on disqualifying her. She has the features of a model n I bet u she is going to be a grt model…just watchout

  3. Nobody is born as a star , u work to become a star. Good fortune comes with hard work, with time she will become like any of them good models. By d way she’s less than a month old in this modeling bizn. Give her time and pls enough with the bad mouthing. God made her and not man.

  4. Just because she doesn’t fit into your definition of a “top model”, doesn’t make her any less that. She’s top model enough for you to write an article on her. Your opinion will never matter nor will it contribute to her success. Worry about your own self!

  5. The bread seller has got the shape,face and all physical attributes of a model; therefore, she needs to be trained and not disqualified as you sound. Rome was not built in a day;so, she needs to undergo some certain training inorder to be among the best. Please learn to make constructive analysis and not a mere social status ranking.

  6. Irrespective of your opinion the fact remains that she had Gods favour n that is what people are celebrating in her. She will definately go through training, just give her time. ” It is not to him that waileth or runneth but to him that God showeth mercy” People are just honouring God in her life not her as a person. Everyone prays for favour. And it is just the media that are propagating the issue not in anyway. Olajumoke i celebrate God over your life beyond the sky is your limit.

  7. Ann, u’ve spoken my mind……… Now to the writer: Everyone is entitle to his/her opinion. Who God Has Blessed No Man Can Curse. No model on earth was born a model, it takes time, hardwork, commitment, training and all to create a star, you don’t expect her to just pick up in the middle of the night….. Give her space plssssssssssssssssssssssssss. That’s what i call envy & bitterness and it take people to hell. free her and stop eating beef, assorted is better…

  8. Another jealous, sad, pessimistic hater.. you guyz should keep trying, e go be one day…buh stop hating okay..

  9. This is an unnecessarily unkind article. What’s the point of it? Why would anyone write this???? She should be celebrated and supported not mocked. Disgraceful!

  10. When God has lifted her up,who are you to cast her down.
    Rome was not built in a day.Go read your bible Bro, God will still pick many like her up and put them where Kings and Princes sits. She will continue to shine and her family will shine along in Jesus name.

  11. How many models have you written an epistle about?Gerrarahieh! Did Twiggy meet supermodel requirements?Did Kate Moss?
    Your idea of what models ought look like is borrowed and those 2 names I just dropped were adjudged ‘world class’ by same brain-washers whose confusing definition you so desperately cleave to.
    What your closed mind may not be telling you is that in Jumoke,we see hope,a bang,a turnaround,a freaking lottery!
    In conclusion,Jumoke’s reign could expire this minute,but her name is here to stay.Deal with her incmprehensible luck!

  12. Empress and Chi have said it all, please don’t run her down with mouth, let us keep encouraging her and in no time, she will be perfect like others, she is still very young in this biz so let us give her kudos.

  13. Hmmm… Jumoke’s story is the work of grace that is divine, it defiles intellectual reasoning and the norms.. first the whole occurrence would have better be imagined but alas it was real starring us all in the face: without even pidgin English she became the face of Stanbic IBTC and more. Relax she shall soar, trust they are already divine helpers positioned to help in the refinement and journey towards a fit into civilization.

  14. Correct to an extent but not totally. different sentiments are always shared about a particular situation. However i must let you know that for a country perception is everything and i must say that for ours the media is our bane. I believe we are the ones supposed to be supporting our own and leave the bashing to those who know nothing about us, i believe that’s how its done. Most times people who have never being to Nigeria and likely never have plans to, come across these things that we say of our own and wonder who we are and that gives some kind of misconceived idea. Don’t be fooled that all you see projected by foreign countries via their media is true but then, they recognize that its a tool for image which if not used well can be detrimental to them. That we must know how to do and for once stop trying to make it look like we are bringing ourselves down.
    As for Jumoke i am indeed very gladdened that such cases still occur and am not referring to her “goodluck” or whatever people seem to term it these days, but am referring to fact that there is hope that valuable people are still left in the society, people who know value when they see it, those who can turn nothing to something in an instance and Jumoke here was simply the recipient. Now, As much as everyone strives and prays to be Jumoke, there is a new reawakening of hope and zeal for one to carry out one’s job no matter how menial with the popular Nigerian believe that no condition is permanent. Also we must bear in mind that it takes one who has value to see value and potential and know it, not everyone sees value and knows it, In fact, am certain that Jumoke could have passed some high profile people in the course of her hawking and they never even took a first glance at her, let alone a second. You can never give what you don’t have. Therefore we should strive to be the TY Bello not just the Jumoke.
    So to Jumoke who’s life will never be the same and whose mindset and thoughts have been shaken and stirred but what only happens once in a life time to virtually no one, but happened to her, nothing is a coincidence, every great thing which occurs in this world is always for a greater purpose. Now whether you don’t get to shine when the “popularity” days are past something has taken place and whether we like it or not it was for a purpose, a greater purpose, let’s all watch and see how it happens. Think of this, why jumoke?? Of course she isnt the only bread seller in the country, but why her? on that particular road? that specific hour? it could have been anyone else, but it was her, Think.
    For the models who have been there and worked tirelessly and others who feel Jumoke is not deserving of these opprtunities, i must say this, “Sometimes in life we work so hard for something we feel we want and we dont get yet, something we never even worked for once, or tried to break a sweat for just comes to us” (Love Regardless; the movie). Am sure this has been a lot of people’s case not necessarily in modelling but in other areas like family, relationship, and many more. Am sure 95% of people can relate to this not necessarily agree though.
    This is how i choose to see this, its the same situation but a different perspective, a better perspective, and a perspective less rigorous to the mind and healthier in my opinion.

  15. it so funny that people cant mind their own business this days. what GOD HAS BUILD no one can bad mouth it to spoil it keep on going and going. make una try build on the area way una dey lack and leave who GOD DON BLESS.

  16. the writer has a point. Nigerians can over hype sha..from primary sch to university, all na favour buh she shdnt mek the ones struggling to get there look like they are no bodies. Adequate training shd be given to her .

  17. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt, when God decides to take a walk with you, all protocols get broken, whatever she’s become is not by her doing, its called Grace, the G-God factor in anyone’s race. Overtaking is allowed in the race of life, the parable of the workers in the vineyard says it all ‘So the last shall be the first, and the first, last. Mysteries of humanity.

  18. I think some people are finding it difficult to accept that God has simply chosen to help Olajumoke!, The lady is just enjoying God’s grace and that’s all. Let’s please give her a break and stop all these ‘player hating!’. All those professional models mentioned didn’t jump up one day and became perfect….Olajumoke will learn too. If she makes mistakes on the way, she will also learn the lessons therein and move on…..why so much ado about her case? Let her be please!!!!…all these criticisms are becoming irritating……

  19. Deep down as a blogger don’t you wonder what Linda is doing that she can afford to buy a house in banana, if 2mrow luck jam u should will also say “Dis person sef Wetin he/she dey write wey luck just jam am like dat… na she/he be the only blogger…….’ my dear it’s time and chance… May we be @ the right place @ the right time… Gbaaaam

  20. Salawa Abeni of the eighties was absolutely different from the Salawa Abeni I listened to few weeks ago on TVC, she has greatly improved on herself, her carriage, grammatical construction and communication ability. The problem we have majorly in this part of the earth is, we don’t know how to celebrate others success as if they are our family and I call that HATE; one of FRSC billboard reads “drive as if the person in the next car is your family member” you will always give chance to your family when you see them on the road, not minding if others blast their horn. Simply put, if Jumoke was your sister, this article will never come up in the first place, and if it does, this same you will write an article on why she should be given time to learn and grow in this same industry. To Jumoke I advice that she take up the challenge and give her best, learn learn and learn until you become perfect in the art of modelling. Joseph knew nothing about the law of Egyptians when he became prime minister, Esther never lived in a mansion when she became queen. There is something called favour and that’s what Jumoke is enjoying presently; favour opens the door while WORK keep the door opened, its time for Jumoke to work now, I guess that’s what this writer mean to say, but his undertone is that of hate. Thank you.

  21. Well what you want has happened, you have also used her to make your page popular, you have enjoyed her grace! I understand what you are saying, but you sound bias-like an award winning model is your girlfriend and she is having a beef for Jumoke… Grace is not by work, it is purely unmerited and that is why you should not talk this way. She has not come to compete, she has come to be shaped and be the best!

  22. Whether you like it or not, God has taken her from grass to grace and there is nothing you can do about it. You too look for who to milk and discard. You should celebrate and thank God for her. She will learn just like others before her. Stop posting this hate article. It will not take you anywhere.

  23. lolz….the truth is that in as much as that supposed truth of yours stares us in the face ehn…..unfortunately we are blind to it. We are all glorifying a God who doesnt use 4yrs in modelling school,masters or even PHD to share what that babe has achieved within 3months and nothing you say or see can change that,even when the GRACE has gone.

  24. One day of FAVOUR is worth a thousand days of LABOUR… Olajumoke is just bn blessed n favored by God and not by d qualifications of modelling…What she has achieved, many of the long time (old/senior) models have not achieved it. You guys just have to accept this fact that “You might be AGE MATE even older than but you are not GRACE MATE.

  25. What u my dear friend see in d physical now is what Olajumoke prayed hard in d spiritual for. Who knows how long she has held on to God’s promises, hoping n praying.. When GRACE speaks, d impossible is made possible, that’s God for u. God will remain God, not man.

  26. Samira Bello, this piece you have written about a person whom God has, in his infinite wisdom, elevated is an invitation to a generational cause upon you.What pains me about your ignorance is that you will not even be around any longer when your posperity is sharing from the consequences of this malicious act of yours. Of course, I knew right from the beginning that Jumoke Orisaguna would have people like you to contend with later because there are always your likes out there in every field of human endeavour who grow unnecessarily jealous abouthat other people’s success.As long as members of the public remain conscious of elements like you, their love and support they have for Jumoke will continue to wax stronger.Leave this lady alone.Her case is a practical demonstration for the greatness of God.Yes, of course! Many may have been in the modelling business for long without being recognised. Those who are not humble enough to acknowledge the supremacy of God to man in their efforts to excel cannot get anywhere. Face your business and stop being malicious!

  27. Now am certain that Nigeria is not just a religious country, but a country that still have godly people. People who can look beyond their noses and understand the times and the seasons like the sons of Issachar. God bless you all who saw the God factor in Olajumoke’s story. Grace will certainly not depart from your own lives in Jesus name.

  28. I LOVE you guys that supported Olajumoke God will embarrass you with divine favour,Rome was not built in a day.we should encourage her and not to pull her down with a SATANIC ARTICLES.Every profession needs training and she get there soon in Jesus name .

  29. I get your point…. but u must understand that life is in phases, men in sizes and that there are different strokes for different folks. That it took a “hundred years” for a person to become what he/she today doesn’t suggest that we cannot have “exceptions” to the rule. However, if I may ask, are there any prescribed rules whatsoever in the modelling industry or what have you, that an individual must spend a minimum of “X” amount of training periods and sessions to become qualified for a shot at the top? Besides, what would you do if you were in her shoes to be candid? Reject offers that come your way because you feel somewhat “inadequate”? Please, what’s important is that everyone strives to be much better in whatever field of endeavour they find themselves and be continually optimistic about the future… It could tilt towards your direction tomorrow, you never can tell… I really personally do not feel there’s anything inappropriate about being an exception to the rule.

  30. what a ridiculous article…….i don’t think olajumoke for once ever think of becoming a model but when God is set to do is wonders who are u to kill with ur mouth. if u cant help her by training her to b what God has set an helper for her to b i think u should just let her b and been seen by people ill who appreciate her. find something better doing oga article…..

  31. I wonder if Jumoke or anyone like her could have been discovered with people like this around, instead of encouraging people to discover more raw tallents you are there writing epistle against who God has blessed.

  32. l advice that as humans we should try and make constructive criticisms when we have opportunities in any way or level in life. It will encourage the person u are criticizing and not words that will run your fellow human down and ruin his/her chances to aspire better. God is the only expert even the so called experts make miserable mistakes. Please make constructive and encouraging advice/criticisim even in the heat of making things better and setting the record straight.

  33. Don’t mind them jealousy jealousy, na him de worry them! If you don’t want to witness the rise of Olajumoke, pls go to cemetery and take a rest. God had lifted her even before you were born.


  35. Madam,
    who asked for your perception on Olajumoke? let the young lady enjoy life as it brings her divine Grace; this is a page in her life that just opened. ” Abi she tell you say she be model in the first place”? ain’t you happy she is making the money she has never dream of having for a very long time but believing in God that all will be fine one day. (me sef dey pray for my Own divine favor).
    and i am sure you also go to church and wish God blesses you. right?

    Please keep your notion,perception, explanation and Notice me i can describe a real model to the word; to yourself.

    God bless you.

  36. Can u people plssssss leave this girl alone, (1st) it was her husband’s dressing and him carrying his daughter, but when examples were shown about top stars abroad you all shut your mouth, now this, abeg, can’t people like you get busy with their own miserable life’s. aba


  37. I couldn’t agree more with this article. The difference between Olajumoke and the other models who made it against all odds is that they wanted it bad and worked for it. You do NOT know that this is a blessing, not all that glitters is gold. You see someone getting opportunities but I see someone who is being forced into these situations. And of course, she will do it for the money, because she actually needs it. And I’m so happy for her in this regard, this is more lucrative. But to be honest, if she does not have the determination to be a good enough model, she will be suffer in the industry and eventually go back to what she was doing before. Instead of forcing her to be a model, why not focus on what she has actually said she likes doing – hair.

    Everyone is here calling the writer a “hater”. We have refused to argue constructively and only seem to use “blessing from God” as the key point. You don’t even need to be wise to see these things. Think objectively and look at things from a larger perspective.

  38. I will lend my voice to this. First, Olajumoke didn’t set out in her life to be a model. If she has gone this far in the “charade” as you put it, I am sure she will glorify God for taking her this far! Moreso, she can never be forgotten in the social history of Nigeria, just like Chidinma and others.
    I am sure that prior to now, Olajumoke must have been a very prudent woman to do bread business to contribute her noble quota to her family running. Now that she is making good money, I am sure she would save a million times much more. If with all these critiques, she eventually loses her place and the “charade” is over, she would have saved a million more than she used so. I am also sure she is a lot better than she was before she hit stardom….she is not so dumb as to want to lose it anyway. Therefore she would not be needing the pity of anyone. While the fun lasts and the grace is still at work, please allow the young woman enjoy her bliss!

  39. First question we should ask is “Does Olajumoke want to be a SuperModel?” Here is the answer “No”. Ask me “Why”, and my simple ans is; “because she has no clue what that word(Supermodel) even means”. Olajumoke is like an asset, those who took her to the top will be more committed to keeping her there than herself. It will take 5-10 years before she would evolve into the person this author is talking about-viz: One desperately looking for a contract. She doesent need one, she is not in competition with anyone. It is not her beauty that is selling, it is her story. It is not her steps that is selling, it is her bread picture. So the models shouldnt be jealous, she has come, seen and conquered. What is left is to retire into the quiet life of a beautician, wife and mother and an unmistakable story of grace. She is an epitome of an interesting piece of history that trails from the lowest place in life to the highest appearance on world stage via CNN.

  40. some people still will disagree with the obvious. thank you for writing. I really have been wondering about this thing for weeks anytime her picture appears somewhere. I keep thinking errmm ok, I see, really?, etc without being able to place it so I discard the thought quickly anytime. something is definitely going on that people dont know though. thats what I keep feeling. maybe only in Nigeria can such happen and people call it grace. yes grace but not the grace of

  41. The writer of this must have been threatened by the overwhelming grace of God upon a lady brought from grass to grace. Perfection is by training, persistence and ability to learn. Yes – she is not a professional model and that does not mean she will never be. This lady was not a model for God sake, she was spotted, chosen and called by a benefactor. Why are you jealous. Anyone that sees life as a competition will not complete his/her own race. If you are a model as you called yourself, why not be focused and leave another person’s issue aside. What God has done no man can stop it. If you are filled with envy, go and read what happened to Saul in the Bible, you might be replaced. Never write off your fellow man

  42. You may say anything you like about olajumoke. Call her any name, that doesnot mean anything for now. What really happened about her is the story of Gods miracle and wonders. When God has a story to write about you and your life, He will take you out of the mess you are in, and place you on the throne, not minding what any man would say. Who are we to querry the message of God in Olajumokes life. Who is a model? Can you beat the God made model or compare the God made model with man made model.? My friend, put aside your sentiments and praise the lord for His revelations in the life of olajumoke. Iheanacho cannot pay 50 naira to watch the EPL a year ago, today he plays with them. ISIMENS father did not have television to watch his son play at the under 17 just concluded. Today, he is a multi millionaire. What a God ,what are his wonders. He said my ways are not your ways. Let olajumoke be with her faults and shotcomings. God has discovered her, let her be with her faults. When Otedolas daughter delved into DJ job, nobody said she cannot be. All this palaver about olajumoke is cos she is poor. And cos of that God decided to lift her up. Who was David when God made him a king over his chosen people. Do you querry God the way he does his work. Pls let olajumoke be, and let her continue with her gradual transformation, under the guardiance of God…. who called her to be. There are million bread sellers in lagos when God picked her. There are many saints in Jericho, when God sent the spies to the harlot who later be the lineage of our lord Jesus Christ. LET OLAJUMOKE BE.

  43. As an artist and a psychologist, there are three things that can help shape the course of a person’s profession: endowment by birth, nurture and luck, any one can play out or in a combination.

  44. @ Samira Bello, if that is your real name. You said so yourself that she was a bread seller prior to her fame. I think she has done very well, irrespective of the fact that she was thrown directly into a profession that is alien to her. She has done a very good job. I believe with a little training, she would be perfect. I pray she mingles with people who would boost her confidence and not people like you who would find every opportunity to remind her that she was a bread seller and so cannot be any thing else. Thank God that destiny lies in the hands of the Maker and with ourselves and not in the hands of others. You were not born with a writing skill. You studied to be a writer, went through an Internship/NYSC Programme. Went through different reformative stages to be where you are today. Don’t you think that given same opportunity, Olajumoke too would be great in her new found field? Anyway, her story has been one of the stories that has given us fresh air in this country where all we hear is bomb-blast, accident, kidnapping, be-headings, and armed robbery. Fighting corruption, corruption fighting back, looting, Sicknesses of various degrees and so on. Olajumoke’s story is a story of hope for the hopeless and faith in God; That He (God) can do anything with anybody. The Apostles were some bloody fishermen, etc. when he made them great. He (GOD) can raise stones in place of men. I pray He locates some other lowly people and turn them to super stars overnight. May the Name of God be praised.

  45. I am quite impressed at the counter attack o the writer of this malicious write up.Sure,she will ponder well before “running her mouth” next time.

    • This is one of the worstel articles I have everyone read. The author clearly showed narrow scope in analysis and thought. Who said Olajumoke was aiming to become a supermodel in the first place? Please stop the hating and thank God for her life. Her Journey to whatever she becomes later on in life has Just become why issue the verdict now?


  47. Mr or miss writer, its obvious you are a sad person but if you can take this piece of advise, it will change your life. Learn to appreciate good things that happen to people so that it comes to you. If you work so hard yet don’t succeed as expected, thank God for your life and your neigbours who have good testimonies. Stop kiling people with your heart because you are just hurting yourself.

  48. n whats ur problem anyway…LET The Poor girl be n search for where u will make ur own mark in life cos itz definitely not with dis BLONDER u call an article

  49. All i have to say,Fi Omo Lomo Le,Ba olorire Yo Kire leje tie…Rejoice with successful people and let success be unto You.

  50. Some are born great, some have greatness cast upon them. Jumoke has had greatness cast upon her. She did not and still has not set out to be a model. Even if everything comes to a halt today, she has still been blessed. She is not in competition or a threat to anybody so please let her be.

  51. In my years on d street i av never seen a posh, clean and elegant ‘agege bread seller’ like Jumoke – who mysteriously walked into an ongoing photo-shoot with the right make-up, pose and expression while not showing any kind of being drawn aback from ‘accidentally ruining’ a photo-shoot, or maybe spellbound like the motorcyclist in the background unless she had known ahead of the said shoot… I am only trying to clear my confusion here; so i ask: What local bakery – obviously, she sells local bread – is she attached to?.. Isn’t she supposed to have been stopped from fouling the shot – I think photographers must already have envisioned what they intended before shooting, even though sets and locations inspires creativity?… Why is the eyeline of the guy in the picture – model or whoever he appears to be – focused purposefully exactly at the intruder – the ‘agege bread’ seller – when he should have been surprised or shocked or expressed some kind of reaction other than fulfillment, at the sudden appearance of the seller in his shot, contrary to their pre-shoot discussion.
    I could point out some very other disturbing facts which worries me only but i wouldn’t cos i am sure of a lot of backlash from this already; please someone clear this for me.

  52. When Susan Boyle came onto the music scene, everyone scoffed. Even after they heard her beautiful voice, many said she would not last. She was not young, slim and beautiful like Beyonce and Rihanna. But she has become one of the greatest stars of her time. Why? Because people love her story. They can identify with the rags to riches, Cinderella tale. Her story gives hope to the hopeless and inspiration to everyone. Olajumoke’s story is like that. We want her to succeed because if she does, we can.

    You can judge her all you like by your warped standards but you can not change her story because you didn’t write it. God wrote it. He decided that she would be at that spot where she was discovered and that she would find favour with the producers and photographers. I would rather see pictures of her than any of your faceless and nameless super models. Her story inspires me and I wish her well. Because she did, I can!

  53. God bless you Jaywon. I am not giving up totally on Nigerians. some – a few – still have good heads on their shoulders. Nigerians are too sentimental and look at everything through warped and blurred perspectives usually influenced by religion and all that jazz. oh it is grace, God has made it happen for her. it is the same syndrome that has kept not only Nigeria where it is but a large pat of the developing world under some sort of mental slavery. this has been on since the colonial era. you are being lied to, you accept the lie and even tell it better than the one who told you the lie. I wonder why people cannot see beyond their noses and see when they are being told a lie. gimme a break please.

  54. Ok, so you made vital points there, and…. so? If you can’t land a contract in like how many years you’ve spent in the fashion industry, I think you should go back to your miserable drawing board and have a rethink….She needs time and training…. She’ll get there trust me she will….#Badbelle

  55. jumoke was not the only person God gave such favoured if yours did not come yet , keep praying for whom God has blessed He has blessed and happy is for those who rejoice over someone`s breakthrough shall encounter breakthrough in jesus name.

  56. WOW madam writer! This is a very interesting analogy. Success is subjective and not time bound. Its like saying Lupita the actress did not deserve an award cause she had been acting for a short period of time. Or saying a boy who has never acted and upon his discovery became a star. All of us have our talents and opportunity to shine, some come quicker than others, while some need not to work harder than others.

    For example – You the writer are no “Ruben Abati” as you have not become an editor or a special adviser or a top journalist who worked for 30 years to build his name. So why should we take what you write seriously? What the heck! You are in the same boat as Jumoke – only difference is that we choose to recognise her.

    To finish my essay – who remembers how Oluchi started out?

    Thank you.

    • Actually, Lupita had been acting for nearly four years before she got the role of Patsy in Twelve years a slave. So yes, she has paid her dues. Also she wasn’t ‘discovered’, she auditioned for and got the role in question. As did Abraham Attah and he was trained before he starred in the film Beast of No Nation.

      You should get your facts right in the future, Ibrahim. Before you go spouting inaccuracies to back your arguments.

      Use your Google. It wont kill you, to actually do some reading.

      Also, it doesn’t pay you at all get all huffed by a click bait headline.

  57. ummmm!!! enemy, them don they trow katapot of envy…. may God have mercy on U or should i say may God punish u nd dat ur computer way u take write dat yeye article..

  58. JEALOSSSSY……EEENNVY……….the divine one has spoken, there’s nothing you can do about that .You can’t take her back to hawking bread… that’s for sure. When favour speaks for a person, protocol is set aside. Like it or not she will fly beyond your wildest imaginations. God bless her.

  59. I dont know u but wat i only say is that talent is not only inborn but can also be nurtured and developed.I see that in her becaause” with time an egg will surely walk”.

  60. I dont know u but wat i can only say is that talent is not only inborn but can also be nurtured and developed.I see that in her because” with time an egg will surely walk


  62. I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.Ecclesiastes 9:11

    “Success is not in education, it’s not in connection and definitely not in location. There is supernatural dimension to success” Pastor Sam Adeyemi

  63. I do not expect the bashing that the writer has incurred. though they are so element of sense in the writer’s position, i bet the manner of approach was wrong. Nigerians are Godly people and they expect God to dp everything for them, even those they can do themselves.
    Jumoke has something other dont have which is the popularity. However, can you hire a genevieve as a runway model for your design? guess not cos the headlines with be about her and not the designer.

    For jumoke, i think she should do a leverage on her popularity and start up something unique… maybe an innercity beauty contest

  64. you know i love the fact this person wrote this, you just added to her success story. no successful man is left without critics. so keep up the good job and help promote Olajumoke with your rubbish

  65. God bless all the people that commented on this post.Im sure the writer must be blaming his/herself to an extent by now.If you meant good and wanted to call her to attention on some certain issues that will be of help to her,their are better ways to go bout it,this obviously is a BEEF.Kpomo you no chop,fish you no chop,na BEEF gan gan you choose LMAO.Olajumoke Orisaguna is a pure definition of GRACE.Beat it

  66. How did Jumoke prevent others before her from achieving? Also, did she beg to get to this position? Grace selected her. There’s no reason for this article. It’s propelled by 100% hatred and jealousy.

  67. Lol!!! You make me laugh LOUD… calculate all the necessary requirements for being a model all you can… GRACE STILL WINS!!! and you still won’t understand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. The funny thing about all of this is that the Jumoke sef no sabi english, naturally, this kind of write-up will weigh anyone down after reading but then God sabi as e dey do him tin. taking a professional photograph as a model also needs a little coaching and so far so good most of the shots i’ve seen have been good which means she is learning. So who says she can’t learn how to walk like a cat if need be. At the moment, she is a top model, maybe not yet super but your bad belle no go stop am if she decides she wants to be a super model.

  69. Done with your assessment report? Sorry but if Grace picked her up is it training Grace won#t provide her? Like someone said in this thread they can be agemates but not gracemates.

    Come to think of it every model training outfit would jump at having Jumoke in their class than they would the old and qualifying models you are looking at.

    She turned a world news in weeks, from street hawking … record you’re yet to break.

  70. Juliet Chukwuma. Thanks for your comment. If we all look back, we’ll find out that we’d received pockets of undeserved favours (even though not this celebrated).
    Looking at the whole Olajumoke story, I think that the real hero here is TY Bello. Someone who turns scraps of metal to an airplane or trash into a work of art will be celebrated the world over. TY Bello has done what most people wouldn’t do. Given her circumstances, Olajumoke did not stand the chance of being in the news or even being the subject of social media discourse; she was pulled into the platform by someone who never knew her. I am sure that TYB has relations in need of this level of fame, but she rather picked a total stranger .
    Thumbs up to the real hero.
    Thumbs up to TYB.

  71. I’m not going to call you names or anything cos such brashness is not necessary.
    I do understand what you are trying to say but you need to understand that media frenzies happen EVERYWHERE. It’s not just a Nigerian thing.
    That being said, I do not blame her because I don’t believe that any person that suddenly comes upon a lot of opportunities will not take advantage of them.
    If you have experience in “high fashion” then why not get across to her and teach her?
    We women need to SUPPORT each other NO MATTER WHAT. Life is hard enough as it is.

  72. God does not look out for ‘perfect people’ but ‘imperfect people’, so He can make them perfect.
    ”Seeth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings not mere men”
    Grace found Jumoke. God has set an open door before her, no one can shut it.
    Thank God for the vessel He used, TY Bello….. Remain blessed.

  73. Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha!

    You have to laugh at the herd mentality you see on social media these days. Someone has written a good article and spoken the truth and you just see a herd of people shouting, hater or jealosy or bad belle!

    The truth is, Olajumoke is actually a scam. A typical example of what the world has become! Fake and Empty! People are no longer encouraged to work hard. They are told to believe in luck. They expect some kind of overnight success and the laughable part of it is that they call it God’s blessing.

    Please show me anyone in the bible that God blessed overnight? From Abraham to Joseph to Moses to David, etc, etc. God doesnt blessed people overnight. He takes them through a proper growth process

    Olajumoke like I said is a scam. It is a fairytale story. The kind the world likes to hear and those who promote her know that. Just like the lottery! The reaity is, you will never have another person like her happen because it isnt reality. The reality is that you will have to work hard and be patient to succeed. yes, God can bless anyone if He wants to but He doesnt operate that way. There is what is called order and process.

    But I understand that people want to hear lies and hype and fake stories. The moment I saw them put her on the runway less than a month after her discovery, I knew it was all fake. I think they should allow her be herself instead of throwing her out like a doll all over the media. She has already lost her myth in such a short time because they made her and her story peak too early. She has bad script writers. She should have follwed the Adele path and kept herself away for a while and then come back looking fresh. Now, when you post her stuff, people hardly notice anymore

    It doesnt matter if you insult the writer of this article. She has spoken the truth and I respect her for doing what many would be afriad to do because of political correctness and social media band wagon

    • Are u trying to say that olajumoke has never worked hard? she just came out from her mother’s womb and became successful? You’re writing rubbish bcos he’s not ur daughter. grace found her and if u aint comfortable with that go and hug a transformer. meanwhile have you seen her latest shots for Shirleys Confectionery? she’s wining whether u like it or not and nothing u say or do can change her success.

      • What is success? Do you know how many people have won the lottery in the last 50 years? Some of you need to educate yourselves. Why would I want to change anything about her? I actually feel sorry for her. She is only a pun in the whole chess game. She is being milked for all the PR they can get from her. When she is fully spent, they will dump her and she wont be able to cope because she never went through the stages of growth. We have seen that happen to many celebrities before.

        What is grace? Grace is enablement, not luck. What you are talking about is luck. I dont have a problem with her doing well as a person but the whole charade going on is fake. They even say she is a role model now. Hahahahaha! I dont think they even know the meaning of the term “role model”. I am sorry to burst your bubble but the whole episode is not reality. Its just like big brother or some other television script

  74. bad belly, elenu stupid. you had better pray God touches your blogging career and stop stupefying someone else miracle. elenu jagajaga

  75. no one made it in a day. for everyone on earth there is time for everything. she is in this stage of her life and learning is a gradual process. it may take her years to be like other models but she will get there one of this days and take the runway by storm. i believe in her and what God has startred. it is left for us to encourage her and not kill her morale.

  76. @Boyontherun, God bless you, too, as u seem to be d only one who is on par with my deduction.
    Let me state it in clear terms now: Jumoke was never a bread seller in d first place, she is obviously an artiste – Model, or anything under d form – whose management firm did a very impressive job in creating a masterfully played out script – title of the script would be based on whatever headlines those gullible tend to make of it and which they already did – to propel her which would proportionally draw in for them monetary benefits and brand propagation – through the various endorsements and accolades she’s been garnering.
    Trust me, what is expected from this successful adventure is far from done – i envy the creative mind who put this up, though; the movie industry, the music industry, the fashion industry itself and other prospective targets are yet to register their collaboration with Jumoke, thus, more money all the way for her management especially TY BELLO.
    I am definitely going to come out with a script of is vein,too, and i pray people remain as gullible as ever….
    Bottom line: ‘Project Jumoke’ is not a scam but a well conceived creative ingenuity that really paid off for those involved; take it or leave it.

  77. What is the fuss about, abeg leave the poor girl alone. Everything we become in this world is learnt in this world. With time she will blend totally. Stop being a hater.

  78. Hey Mr writer you clearly have no point. Like u said it took ninioma 2 years or more to open her first model run way. And who says just because it took her her that much time everybody has too take that plenty of time too. And its blind writers like you that called what happened to Ese Oruru a fuse. I have no degree or any important certificate when I writer my first program and guess what am still using that grace up till today and I haven’t run out of it only that I start studying at the university like other professionals do, but I am still using my grace to work has a programmer. SO MY FRIEND PEOPLE DONT RUN OUT OF GRACE CAUSE IT ABUNDANTLY GIVEN FROM GOD.

  79. SMH!!!
    This article is boring and meaningless. I read the article and understand your point BUT its still bad belle. You are just looking for stuff to throw against her simple.

  80. No matter what haters (or do we call it envy) say, when it is time for God’s favour all protocol become irrelevant. This lady is highly favoured and there’s nothing any mortal can do about it.

  81. i think majority carried the vote, if 80% of people here says she deserve it and 20% is on the other side, the writer should now know what is right, let’s “leave thrash for lawma” and face our business, i’m also praying for favour, so i will celebrate the one who is already favoured, peace out.

  82. One thousand miles track starts with one step. Mrs super model, kindly remember that the person that pictured the bread seller does not know her from Adams but, she saw the potentials in her and also knew that she has to be put through the modelling business to bring out the best in her of which all hands are the desk to achieve that. Please be appreciative of what others do in life and learn how to encourage someone.

  83. Take it or leave it, she is a child of destiny, and whether she is good or not, professional or not, she is floating, her weakness has been made her success, pls leave this girl alone and let God outshine you. May be you will shine better at selling bread. Take note.

  84. This is not a wise write-up for a supposedly wise person as i presume. No body said she was a professional and judging from her background, she needs training obviously. please look for something better to write about.

  85. people gonn hate whether you doing good or bad. this post is only gonn make the olajumoke girl more famous. thanks to these haters. lol….

  86. Yes, the writer’s criticisms might not have been constructive, but he does have some points. That work shown in that video was not it. She should step away from the media and work more on herself so that the favour God has given her combined with work and effort on her part will make for great success

  87. There is something called branding. Olajumoke is being made a brand. Her name will sell the clothes she models. Those training her will keep at the job, just as her name keeps ringing a bell and getting her jobs. People want to see her, before they see what she has on. We do not all care about the technicalities of modelling as we care to see the miracle lady. This post may well be a marketing thing to draw attention to this site. We may all have fallen for it.

  88. is this how you plan to make your own fame by criticizing others destructively .
    ok ooo. continu(e)….. lets see how far you can go with your critics.

  89. We know that you are a professional, but Please DO NOT run her down with your mouth and your analysis which is NOT required in this case.
    Olajumoke hasn’t been a model before in her life, we know that. She hasn’t faced a professional cameraman, we know that. But remember her antecedent. We know she hasn’t obtained any formal training on modelling. All we/you need to do is encourage her. She has the height and natural looks which qualifies her as a model. She was discovered by TY Bello, if you have anything against Olajumoke why don’t you contact TY Bello for it to be handled and resolved in a more professional way, rather than coming to the public media to analyse your sense of nonsense! I am really disappointed at your write up on Olajumoke whose God has chosen to end her sufferings.
    I call people like you haters.

  90. Nigerians are so pained and full of hate that once they see the TRUTH they immediately attack the speaker and call him a “hater”. This writer is not hating on anybody, he/she is stating true facts. Nigerians don’t like hearing the truth, in fact we abhor honesty. Olajumoke has been blessed by God and we thank Him for it. But you people must stop lying that she is a good runway model. For goodness’ sake she can barely walk in heels. Let me speak from experience: I had a friend who was rejected by Beth and Few model agency. Why? the managers said her hips and waists were “too big.” The average waist of a model should be 28 but Olajumoke looks like a 32-33. And YET, they have been carrying her up and down like a rag doll, giving her jobs here and there. This is exploitation. The girl does not have what it takes to be a supermodel, let it die. Olajumoke, with the way she is now, can never go to New York or Paris (fashion capitals) and tell them “I’m a model”. They will mock her and send her back home. So what we are doing is deceiving ourselves. SWALLOW IT NOW THAT OLAJUMOKE DOESN’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A RUNWAY MODEL. People are only using her for money. She is good for magazines and advertisement, but not the runway. She cannot walk. Let us accept it and stop forcing everything! Olajumoke’s name will soon fade off because in Nigeria our policy is to pick, use and drop. After a while she will become obscure or a “once upon a time story”. And mind you, the photo of her in TY bello’s shoot was photoshopped, just in case you don’t know. The real olajumoke looks nothing like what she appeared like in those pictures. All these things are deceiving.

  91. when grace is @ work all protocol is …………… abeg my pple finish am for me olajumoke oluwa is fullly involve… gbayiii

  92. Had the women leaders in Nigeria not begged the press to desist from creating any negative news about Agbani Darego when she won the Miss World crown, there would have been a slew of sleaze on our beautiful Agbani, and for nothing! It was such a breakthrough for Nigeria, and it put us in the spotlight for good. Some people’s jobs as media agents is just to spoil the good things others have worked for, especially when it isn’t even true.
    When I saw the headline of this story I went . . . ‘ah ah, they have already started with their undermining of this great thing in this young lady’s life?’ Nawa oh. Being a public figure is not beans oh. All kinds of unfortunate people, with their bad belle (because their lives are sooooooooooooo sad) will not allow those God has blessed to enjoy their shine. May God bless this country more and more, and may the unfortunate critics continue to be ashamed. Amen!

  93. She is the best , lv it or take it , she the one we have being looking for and here is she , Thanks for the the founder of the beautiful and real model girl , olajumoke ,, she has what it takes

  94. It can only be a Nigerian that does not have any exposure that will write such an idiotic article. Obviously, it is more than Olajumoke’s model attributes that caught TYBello’s attention. It is seeing a bread seller looking like that and given her a chance in life. Of course you will expect training and whatever it takes to bring her to par from all who want to support this lady from the kind of background she has. But people like you will not even give her a chance. It is either you want to be an help or not and obviously you are not.

  95. There are some people, I just wanna hug right, now. Abeg, must someone walk like something is biting them before they are models. One day a Indian photographer saw my picture which I displayed online. He asked me to come model. It was a simple picture with my natural hair flown up in the hair. Long hair though but shouldn’t attract an India, that’s basically no hair for an Indian. I told I am short, he sent me pictures of petite models, I have bowl legs and walk with in a funny way. He said all that matters is what you’ve got inside. Maybe not a runway model but a model is a model.
    And I bet, no Nigerian model has made it up to where Jumoke has. CNN and gbogbo ee. When someone is chosen, the heavens may fall but the choice will remain.

  96. I believe God has favoured her. I pray she will continue to improve and get better, stay focus and be the best. I am just a little worried that she will not be used and dump. God will continue to be on Olajumokes side.

  97. My good thought, point of view, perception and opinion about this marvel lady is just that ” SHE IS JUST LIKE MESSI (NATURAL SKILL WITH 50% TRAING REQUIRED) WHILE SOME OTHERS ARE LIKE C. RONALDO (NATURAL SKILL WITH 70-75% TRAINING REQURED). Pls all in model industry support, help and embrace her, as most of u will benefit from OLAJUMOKE. INDUSTRY YIN ONI BAJE (AMIN).

  98. Why cant we appreciate whatever is our own. what profit will u=you gain from castigating the poor lady and a person like you will one day look up to God to answer your prayer when your own job is to run someone down. i pity you and your useless write up.

  99. Let me remind the writer about a woman in Nigeria here, she had no primary education at all , despite, but she is now lecturer in Top university in America, what can we said to that? grace is unmerited favor and is upon some special people, instead of the writer to find a way of impacting positively into Olajumoke life by herding value of what she/he felt she should be, pls let stop beefing this pretty model, she is lucky, there so many educated and prettier lady out there but Mercy speaks for Jumoke. i pray mercy will speak for those who will continue to love and support her In Jesus Name

  100. You didn’t write about those other great models, but you spent a long time preparing this article on Olajumoke who is supposed to be at a disadvantage. Go figure the implication of that.

  101. leave this lady alone. what will be will be no matter what we say. every super star has to start from somewhere. this is just the beginning for Jumoke.

  102. This is just God’s divine visitation for olajumoke, is not by how far but by how well, as far as God is involve my dear forget about it. Thank you.

  103. i wish I can translate “Ota Aleni Ma dehin” in English. Enemies who will never turn back until God forces them back. Whether we like it or not, Olajumoke Orisaguna has arrived into her place in destiny, whoever is aggrieved can keep on bad mouthing her, good enough, she cannot even read your rubbish called opinion. In my view, such destructive and discouraging opinions should not have seen the light of the day. I challenge that opinionist to Google his or her name and do same for Olajumoke Orisagunna and see who is more popular. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but it makes better sense keeping such opinions unpublished because die hard fans of Olajumoke might launch attack on you out of anger. Caveat Emptor!

  104. Pls can anybody link me up to the right body of modelling? I have a young gal that needs help in modelling word….This is my number 09035797411. 10x and may God bless

  105. She represent the ‘TRUE NIGERIAN STORY’. Jummy had got much more positive than negative to be reviewed. We are much more interested in the positives. Samira, write again but this time the bright n positive side that we all see.

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