11 years of peace | Read Tolani & Ibukun’s love story

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Tolani and Ibukun met while in school about 11yrs ago and their love still remains evergreen.

Below is the beautiful engagement session photos of the couple and sweet love story of how they met from the bride-to-be.

Our Love Story

Ibukun and I met in college, September of 2005 to be exact. I was a freshman and he was in his second year at the time. While still trying to adapt to the college life as I had never been too far away from home, I made a few friends on campus, one of them was my roommate Toyosi.

Toyosi and I had a routine to go to the cafeteria together for dinner. On this campus you dare not go anywhere alone, or else you would be devoured for dinner, lol!

Anyhoooo, on this particular day, I had just returned from a long day of lectures and I was super hungry. As usual, Toyosi and I headed to the cafeteria early in anticipation of the delicious spaghetti the cafeteria had on its menu. Getting to the cafeteria, we met a long queue, LO BA TAN!!! I had not perfected my ‘shunting’ skills yet, we just accepted we were going to be in line forever. Just as I was about to give up on the spaghetti, ‘my spaghetti’ did not give up on me. This next scene plays out.

Random guy – you hungry?

Response in my head – umm duh, of course, I’m hungry, see question
The response that I actually said – not really Toyosi turns to me and gave me the look of a lifetime. Lmbo!
Random guy – I know people, my aunt works here

Short story, we were escorted to the VIP line and got our food in a matter of minutes. I said thank you and mistakenly thought it was all over.

Random guy walked away to return to his friends, only to come back with his food and sit next to me. I made a mess on the table and he asked if I needed a bib, he made fun of me and, of course, I didn’t think it was funny…not one bit. We parted and went our separate ways but my life never remained the same, I started being STALKED!!!

I saw this dude everywhere. He knew my class schedule, my dinner schedule, etc. I would always see him in places he had no business being, it was so bad that when I saw him from afar, I would be sure to make the next available U-turn. I thought he was rude, playful, loud, and annoying. Being the quiet girl that I WAS, I cherished my alone time in my own space.

gio astyu wuithy tiu tolaniibhukun2 Tolaniibukun



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